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JBL Med Transport is a company with experience and expertise. We are well-known throughout the Colma, California community as a trusted provider of non-emergency medical transportation. Our services have been benefitting the mobility-impaired members of our community. We are the one-stop transportation solution for persons with disabilities, the elderly, and the medically-fragile. If you or your loved one is bed-confined or wheelchair-bound, we offer you a safe and comfortable ride in our specially-outfitted vehicles.

Because we’ve been in this business for years, we know the area well. Our drivers are accustomed to the dynamic traffic situation and they will help you plan the most efficient route to and from your destination. With the health situation you must be facing right now, the last thing you should be worrying about is transportation. Let our team assist you so you can finally focus on your health and recovery!

When you can’t drive yourself to your medical appointments or if you simply can’t deal with the stressful commute, JBL Med Transport is the answer. Please call us at 650-296-2685 to schedule your next trip.